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Following a successful programme of Early Years music sessions, taking place here at The Bureau since April 2020, we secured £80,000 funding from Youth Music for an enhanced 18 month programme of Early Years music sessions and activities.
The fundamental aims of the project are;
• To support parents and carers in engaging with their children’s development using songs and musical activities as the catalyst.
• To provide quality musical experiences and opportunities for exploration in music for Early Years children with their families.
• To engage with the wellbeing of parents and families, offering a means of social support with a variety of sessions and activities both at The Bureau and outreach within the community.
In response to feedback and consultation with local families and organisations working with EY children and their families in BwD, we are connecting with partner organisations to create an extensive and inclusive programme of music sessions where they are most needed.
In addition to the sessions, families will take home a bespoke music bag, to support them continuing their learning and exploration at home. There will also be regular craft activities to take part in, creating social and creative opportunities to engage with their children and each other.
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Shared Sounds Sessions Autumn/Winter 2023

Fun, interactive and educational, these music sessions introduce core music elements which support children's development and lay the foundations for learning a musical instrument.  Skilled music practitioners will lead the sessions with songs, games and activities using percussion instruments and other props, allowing room for free creative play and musical exploration.

Other established Shared Sounds sessions at The Bureau on Tuesday mornings are ongoing.

  • 10am-10.45  1-4yrs mixed session with parents/carers

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In collaboration with Blackburn Central Library, we have a new Shared Sounds music session for babies and their parents/carers. Come and join us on Thursday morning and learn some new songs and games you can sing and play with your baby.  Supports early childhood development.

  • No booking necessary
  • Thursdays
  • 10.30am-11.30am
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