Calling Adults with ADHD - What Our ADHD Means to Us, Explored through Folktales

Saturday 29th June 2024

1 - 4pm

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This workshop is for adults with ADHD (with or without a diagnosis) on the stories we tell ourselves. We’ll be looking at ADHD through the lens of folktales, and how these stories can help us navigate our lives and love who we are.

After my diagnosis, these tales really helped me to reappraise my own life story and my beliefs about who I thought I was, and find such a new sense of what’s possible now.

Working with folktales like these is a great way to play with our own stories, holding them up to the light and watching what sticks and what falls away.

It will be an interactive and experiential workshop so please wear comfortable clothes.

Spaces limited to 12 so get your space before they're all gone!

COST: £ 5.00 (to cover facilitator expenses, travel, room costs etc)

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Jaqueline Harris - Storywheel

Jaqueline Harris is a writer, theatre maker, storyteller, teacher and trainer, making work that both tells stories and explores how and why we tell them, whether as myth, new fiction or real-life stories, and how these narratives shape our lives.

She often collaborates with other artists to experiment with new ways of doing this though performance, books, and the “Storywheel” workshops and retreats, creating space for groups to come and explore how story and life ‘talk’ to each other through creative expression.