Off The Rails and The Jam Factory- Big Bands meet at The Bureau

Jam Factory and Off the Rails join forces to celebrate 20 years of Big Music.

OTR bburn final 3dIt’s Lancashire long-term community jazz institutions Jam Factory and Off the Rails’ 20th anniversary in 2017/8 so it’s time for a big band summit in the north. Over the years this 1997 initiative has enabled a lot of younger and older players to get further involved in music and generally just been out there building audiences and grass roots players in the Northwest.

30+ players performing World-Jazz with everything from Rai to Ragtime & Hip-Hop to Horas; not even The Bad Plus cover more ground, and there’s literally 10x more of us. Both groups with unashamed personality-filled interpretations and originals, and leading-from-the-front, hi-NRG, arm-waving and blowing along musical direction in the form Richard Ormrod and Ben McCabe. Time to celebrate 20 years of good times!

This will be a most special get together featuring a celebration of 20 years of material, players and projects. Over the years the bands have featured Andy Sheppard, Tim Garland, Lianne Caroll, Femi Temowo, Claude Deppa, Steve Buckley, Chris Batchelor, Ian Shaw, Gerard Presencer, Mike Walker, Iain Dixon, Mark Bassey, Corey Mwamba, John Paricelli, Nikki Iles, Pete Churchill… to name but a few.


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