LODESTAR- exhibition




Kate Davis, London based artist and Scottish artist David Moore work independently but often come together to work collaboratively on public and community based projects. Kate is senior tutor in Sculpture at The Royal College of Art in London and David is a lecturer in Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.

David and Kate also come together to work on large scale permanent public sculpture. Working with architects and landscape architects mostly on major urban developments – such as Langdon Park, Dockland Light Railway Station in East London and the St James’, Riverlight development, near Battersea power station on the banks of the Thames, where they have produced integrated and narrative artworks that are embedded into the publicly accessible spaces of the city.

Mark Ward was born in Blackburn. He has published a number of books and pamphlets including two poetry collections: Thunder Alley, Aussteiger Publications, 2008, reissued, Penniless Press Publications 2014 and The Visitors Book, Penniless Press Publications 2014. Artistic collaborations include, Five Rivers, with Rebecca Chesney 2008, St Oswald’s Church, with the Lake Arts Collective, 2013, and From the Peninsular, with William Wood and Signal Film, 2016

Michael Webster an artist and designer working and living in the English Lake District. He works on a wide range of disciplines, singularly, occasionally collaboratively, has a multi disciplinary approach to both art and design and has spent many years creating innovative work for clients large and small. Michael works in many different kinds of media, on many types of projects, and has collaborated with Russell Mills for over twenty years on projects for Nine Inch Nails, Cocteau Twins, David Sylvian and Michael Nyman to name only a few.


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