Lode Star exhibition and celebration event 2nd September



3rd – 29th September 2017 The Bureau Centre for the Arts, Victoria Street, Blackburn

Lodestar an exhibition of poetry and art.


Blackburn poet Mark Ward has been working with artists Kate Davis and David Moore and graphic artist Michael Webster to produce images, texts and video works inspired by the remarkable Margo Grimshaw and her gloriously infamous Lodestar Club.

Building up to the opening event on 2nd September, images have been posted on billboards and hoardings. Banners have gone up all round Blackburn and neighbouring towns and videos screened at Blackburn Rovers and Burnley football grounds.

This multi-media extravaganza is brought together for a month-long exhibition at The Bureau Centre for the Arts, Blackburn, culminating in a new poetry publication Portrait in Black.

Gay discos, fashion shows, live bands and male strippers. The Lodestar was situated on a country lane a few miles from Blackburn, where it’s geographical position gave it a neutrality and an independence not otherwise afforded to the regular pubs and clubs at the time.

The club hosted the Sex Pistols in 1976 prior to them signing a record contract and a year later gave the Boomtown Rats their first UK gig. You had to make an effort to get there and you never knew what to expect. People travelled from as far away as the Lake District and Cheshire and the excitement and anticipation was tangible beneath the lights, the sweat and the throbbing beats of raw new music pumping out across the dancefloor.

Salacious, salubrious, lawless, edgy: it was all of those things, but more importantly it was a community of young like-minded people, stepping out from their factories and typing pools to express themselves through subversive music and fashion. A rite of passage for a generation of new Romantics prepared to break with convention and set out to find their place and voice in the world.