Get Yourself Together


Get Yourself Together by Josh Coates


“Is it my fault I’m like this?Is it my fault I’m angry?…is it?

Get yourself together.


Saturday 19th November


£7/ £5

Get Yourself Together – By Josh Coates

Get yourself together

One Christmas, Josh was diagnosed with depression and then hit by a car. The following year he was on Job Seekers whilst attempting to balance his sanity and gift buying. This is a show about that time. This is a show about being ill and being fit for work. This is a show about the DWP and being from Bolton.

This is a show that explores the thin line between mental health as a clinical and a political issue.

Part stand up, part spoken word and part Get yourself together 2teenager in his room pretending he’s in a punk band, Get Yourself Together is an autobiographical show that questions if society is making us ill and asks, “what next?”



Get Yourself Together has been developed with the help of public funding through Arts Council England and the Open Exchange Network at the Royal Exchange Manchester and will be presented in a special preview in the new Swan Street Studios on Friday 31st July.

Get Yourself Together – By Josh Coates