Fun Palaces 2017

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******* Activities so far include: Photography Workshop; Giant Drawings; Shadow Puppets; Leather Bracelets and more…..******** All FREE********

For the last two years we have been fortunate enough to have some funding which helped us run two fantastic super sized Fun Palace events. This year we haven’t got any so we are asking for help in a number of ways.

Firstly – please come and get involved- this is more important than any donation. We have a space we have a time, we need people who are passionate about arts and science to come and help share that passion with others. So if you are a champion knitter who wants to enthuse others, come and show people how to knit- we have some wool! If you are a rocket scientist, come and talk to people and let them design their own rockets- we have pens and paper. Sing a song, tell a tale, do an experiment…. there’s a space for you to pass on your passion to others, and we will help where we can. Do let us know first so we can expect you!

Secondly- help us tell people about it. We have no funds for flyers or adverts, but you are our best means of spreading the word. shout it from the rooftops, whisper it in the library, chalk it on the pavement, best not graffiti on the bus, but you get our drift. Tell your mum, your neighbour, your friends, your dog, your granny and everyone in the supermarket queue to come along and join us in having fun!!

Thirdly – if you do have some pennies to spare , and you think this is something worth funding, please consider giving us a donation here…/funpalacesatthebureau2017

Why do we need funding? Well although it is a voluntary event in a volunteer space, we still have bills and insurance to pay, it is nice to cover volunteers expenses, funding materials is helpful so we always have enough stuff to do fun stuff with, flyers would be great, and at the end of the list there are always people who put in a lot of their time and would really appreciate a small wage for their work.

If you think we are doing a good job and would like us to carry on instead of going to work at a supermarket, then occasional payment for our time helps keep things sweet!!

This is a free event and there is NO obligation to part with any money at all though, and we’d rather you joined us in community and did a bit to help out 🙂 Looking forwards to it all!!! See you soon.