Conservation- an Exhibition by Matilde Tomat

I hope you will join the artist on the opening day, May 6th, at 8pm, on the day of the anniversary of the event represented.
A brief moment a silence will be held at 9pm.

CONSERVATION is an installation featuring 111 pieces representing the 1013 victims of varying ages deceased during the 1976 earthquake that destroyed villages and towns in the Friuli area of the north east of Italy. The artist, at the time, was only 8.
The pieces are cast in plaster out of jar, pots, bottles, or containers used to conserve food or any other perishable material.
CONSERVATION is a journey through the idea of eternity and the
concept of legacy and memory, as a long process of here&now’s.
CONSERVATION allows the artist to represent subtle and sudden loss and pain, where while she represents a personal story, it allows for anyone to connect with their personal pain.

This exhibition can hence be read at various levels: from the fragility of the single pieces to the fragility of life itself and the uncertainty of tomorrow; on how the victims’ identity is eradicated and rendered universal by white plaster because, after a while, we all become unknown; on how the artist felt a need to meet and protect that wounded child-part of herself which never disappeared; on exploring her own memories of separation and good-bye, including those good-bye’s she was never able to say in 1976, all those funerals she didn’t go to; on how conservation of memories is related to restoration; and also how the destructive power of a quake can be purged by the pure creative revealing of plaster.

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