Father Frost

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Saturday, 8 December 2018 from 14:00-16:00

Pre show arts workshop from 12.30pm £3 per person

Gather around, all you little pigeons young and old, as the harsh Winter winds blow. It’s time to wrap up warm, light the samovar, sip tea, forget the world outside and listen to stories…


In a tiny wooden house, a little candle dances, casting mysterious shadows.

A girl is sent into the forest where Father Frost breathes his icy breath across the oak trees.

Meanwhile, a golden feather shimmers on the path, dropped by the mythical Firebird. Who will find it?

And when turnips go missing and a sneezing goat appears, will life ever be the same again?


Join performance storyteller, Emily Hennessey, for a wild and wonderful Winter’s journey through a world of Old Peter’s Russian Tales, collected by Arthur Ransome. Suitable for old and young alike.

(Recommended minimum age 8+)

There will be a pre-show workshop before the show at 12:30-1pm – entry £3

★★★★★ “an outstanding performance storyteller” The Latest

★★★★ “Emily Hennessey is such a mesmerising storyteller”  Everything Theatre


EMILY HENNESSEY is a bold and dynamic performance storyteller. Emily’s work is often described as intelligently composed and beautifully performed, while her storytelling style is said to be warm, captivating, bold and witty, delighting audiences of all ages.


Emily has performed at venues and festivals in India, Iceland, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Belgium. Recent UK performances include the Soho Theatre, the Royal Opera House, Shakespeare’s Globe and the British Museum.




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Postponed : 1,000 Places Aidan Jolly, Gigi Serafina & Jaydev Mistry

Please note that this evening’s  scheduled performance has been postponed.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  


Saturday 3rd November  Doors 7pm starts 7.30pm

What is it that makes a community?
What is it that makes a place ‘home’?

For 25 years, Aidan Jolly has been creating songs that investigate and celebrate the idea of a sense of place. For the first time he has collected these songs together. Some are commissioned pieces, others were originally written for plays, and some are responses to places personally significant to Aidan.
Inspired by locations across the UK, from Dorset to Herefordshire, the Borders, Cheshire, Lancashire, the Peak District and beyond, each song tells a specific story.
‘1,000 Places’ looks at how the local becomes the universal. It’s performed as a trio, with Aidan singing and performing on guitar, melodeon and other instruments, supported by long-term collaborators Gigi Serafina (vocals, piano, accordion, flute, violin) and Jaydev Mistry (percussion and electronic soundscapes).
Suitability: Ages 5+
Website: http://www.aidanjolly.com/1,000_Places.html
The bar will be open for refreshments before the show and during the interval.

Tickets – £10 adults/£8 concession/£6 child


The Great Austerity Debate, Menagerie Theatre Comp

The Great Austerity Debate is an interactive forum theatre play.

Follow the story of Megan K. as she juggles low-paid work, ever-deeper debt, two kids and that fancy new red handbag. Welcome to a world where the phrase, “We are all in this together,” rings hollow. Welcome to a world where austerity is the new normal.
But there is a way out. After watching the performance, you are invited to imagine different outcomes for the characters and see your ideas played out by the actors. You can give your views or simply sit and enjoy the play being re-told on the spot. Every audience brings new responses, new interventions and new endings, making each performance unique.

Entertaining, inspiring and always surprising, The Great Austerity Debate brings burning real-life questions to the stage, and you get to bring the answers. Brought to you by new writing pioneers, Menagerie Theatre Company.

Tickets here: £10 Adults / £8 Concessions / £6 Children under 16

Kalevala “Where the Bear Sleeps” Stories from the Frozen North

“Where the Bear Sleeps” Stories from the Frozen North
In 2000 Nick Hennessey entered the world championship of epic-singing in Espoo near Helsinki, performing the Kalevala (the Finnish national epic), to the Finns, in English….and he won!

As night falls, epic storyteller, Nick Hennessey, delivers us into the deep, snow-filled forests of the Finland’s far North, where the river of the underworld flows dark and fast. Here magic is done and undone, and life is shot through with misguided passions, heroic battles, and wild transformations.

A man with a harp telling stories, complete with a nip of something strong – what’s not to like?

NICK HENNESSEY is widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading contemporary storytellers. He is the only international entrant to win the Runolaulu singing competition in Espoo (2000) and was commissioned by BBC Radio 4 to create a one-hour documentary about Kalevala in 2010. He has performed at London’s South Bank Centre and the Royal Albert Hall and extensively at folk, storytelling, and literature festivals throughout the UK and internationally (Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Canada and two national tours of Japan). He has published three solo albums, the most recent of which, “A Rare Hunger” released on Harbourtown Records, received critical acclaim with airtime plays on BBC Radio 3.

Doors open at 7pm
Tickets here – £6 early bird tickets/£10 adults/£8 concession/£6 child